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Turn your Plain Old Backyard into Something New and Extraordinary

Having a garden is a must in a big city because that is the only place where you can go and rest from stress and all other issues of the high-paced life we are all living. Buying a desk and chairs and setting them in the backyard along with a small cheap barbecue set is enough for some people, but others like their gardens filled with little things that make it beautiful. From a row of trees to the compost, the number of ideas that will make your backyard beautiful is long, and here are some simple things you can do to make your backyard more than just a mere piece of land.

Planting trees to create a screen that will hide your yard from the rest of the world is a good way to create a shade and a place where you can relax. Some trees grow up to 2 feet per season, and they grow all year round, and with them, you can create screen of trees in 5 or 6 years.


Maintenance of those trees is a dangerous business, and it should be left to professionals. Companies like one found on www.allaccesstreecare.com take that work to the professional level, and they don’t cost much. Don’t risk injuries when you can hire guys like that.

Building your fire pit is better than buying cheap barbecue set. Before you do anything, check with local authorities about the open flame permit. Then simply dig a hole, use some gravel and rocks along with a metal ring to create the boundary of the pit. If you are making a fire pit, you can make your barbecue stand as well. It might take some time, but it is a task every person, with some spare time, can accomplish.


Every backyard should have flowers because they make it a beautiful place. Instead of planting your flowers directly in the ground you can buy raised beds and plant them there. Cedar beds cost around 20 dollars per piece, so the money isn’t an issue.

Having a fountain in a backyard is a dream of many people. The only reason they haven’t done it is that the task seems intimidating. Garden fountain can be made out of anything, but making it out of some beautiful rocks will raise it to another level. The fountain is simple, and the only problematic thing is the pumping system, but you can hire a plumber to set it down for you.

wooden-compost-bin-singleCompost bins cost a lot of money, which is a funny thing because they can be made without any cost. If you have a big plastic bin (18 gallons, but it can be larger or smaller, it doesn’t matter) you can drill small holes in all directions (they should be at least 2 inches apart) and there you have it, your DIY compost bin.

Many things cost some pretty penny even though they can be made for the tiny amount of money. Before you spend your hard-earned money on this stuff, check an online guide, and see whether you can make it your DIY project.