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Home Remodeling Tips for 2016

Your home should basically be your go-to happy place. That means that it should be designed in such a way that is elegant and comfortable. There are many reasons why homeowners remodel. You can remodel your home to increase its value if you want to put it up for sale, or to keep up with the latest styles and trends. It doesn’t really matter why you choose to embark on the process; all that matters at the end of the day is that you design your home in the best way possible. Here are some great home remodeling tips for 2016.

Useful 2016 Home Remodeling Tips


Plush carpets are great because they create a sense of space in the room. However, glossy hardwood floors with a clean look are a trendy look for the living room in 2016. There are still a lot of people who prefer to have rugs in other spaces like the bedroom just to compliment the design style.


The kitchen is no longer just a place for cooking only. Must modern kitchens also serve as meeting points for the family where people can dine and hold conversations. It’s, therefore, important to design it appropriately, taking into consideration the additional functions. An important part of the kitchen to consider during remodeling is the kitchen countertop. Natural stone countertops are very much popular in 2016. Granites, marbles, and slates are increasingly being used to design contemporary kitchens by creating an elegant and classy theme. They can also be very important in creating a sense of luxury in the kitchen. Such countertops are easy to clean and highly functional during the preparation of meals. Stainless steel is also in vogue and is appropriate for a clean look when designing contemporary and modern kitchens. Most people prefer thin countertops because they compliment the clean and classy theme. Textures are also very much in play in 2016. The preferred color theme is neutral with a lot of people going for a white color scheme in the kitchen. In creating space, most kitchen cabinets are fixed on the walls to leave room on the floor. A well-designed kitchen will drive the value of your home up.

Living room

A floor to ceiling fireplace is very popular in living room designs. Chic furnishings with a central gathering space is another style that’s gaining a lot of attention. Having a mirror in the living room can also serve as a focus point. Chandeliers are great for lighting but they also play an additional role of great decorations. They can greatly compliment the general design theme in the living room.


Bedroom furniture should be modern and elegant. Chic modern designs help to make the bedroom comfortable and inviting. Whether you are using bold colors or soft, try as much as possible to reflect your personal style in the designs. Wall sconces are perfect for bedroom lighting.

Other remodeling trends include well-manicured front yards with craftsman architecture and a subtle color for the exterior part of the house. These home remodeling tips for 2016 will turn your home into a paradise of elegance and comfort while at the same time increase its value.