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A Quick Guide to Painting a House Exterior

A house exterior is the first part of your home that a new visitor will see. Therefore, the first impression is imperative; it is usually a moment that creates an opinion, a moment that we would like to be spectacular. If you are thinking of taking a brush in your hand and painting a house exterior, be sure to check this quick guide that may save you precious time and money.

Exterior is Not Only Your House

Well, you may be shocked with this, but the exterior of your home is much larger than you may imagine, it includes all varieties of plants, trees, and surrounding objects. Therefore, you should pay special attention to all such elements, create a nice garden, plant fragrant roses or build a nice fountain. If you like art, consider adding sculptures in your exterior, they will affect the general impression of your home. So, the first step in painting the house exterior is not related to painting, but it is connected with the process, as you will see in the next steps.


Always Choose a Quality

When it comes to painting house exterior, the quality of the paint is the most important element. As you may conclude, the walls of your house are exposed to the cold weather during the winter and scorching, hot summer days; such huge temperature variations can cause severe damage to your house pain if you do not choose the quality one. In this case, the quality is very much needed; it is better to buy more expensive paint that would last several years than to spend smaller amounts of money each year. Still, if you are not sure about the paint quality, it is best to consult a professional company, like www.oceansidepropainters.com.

Prepare your Home’s Exterior

Do not rush immediately into painting the walls of your house; such attempt may be contra productive; you need to prepare the surface of the wall. You need flat, crack-free surface because paint doesn’t stick to unpolished or dirty surfaces. To make your painting surface nice and clean, use a simple sponge and warm water with diluted detergent to wash out any dirt. Once when a surface is dry, use fine sandpaper to polish the surface and fix any possible cracks and holes. Check the entire surface, and if you are satisfied with the result, start with painting.


New Technologies in Exterior House Painting

The old way of painting a house exterior was a three step process; it always included the use of a solid primer, the sand layer and finally the paint.  However, as technology advanced, the entire process changed; nowadays you can use a new paint that combines all three steps into one as they are combining the paint and primer into one product. It is the fact that such novel paints are more expensive. However, you will save some time by reducing necessary steps in the process. Always use large paint containers and paint from the top to the bottom, it will reduce paint drips. Do not forget to close properly your paint container, who knows; maybe you will need to use paint once again?

The only proper way to paint a room

Painting a room is not as simple as taking a roller and applying the paint. Many things can go wrong, and you can cause a lot of damage to your house. If you don’t want to deal with this stuff, you can find excellent online companies that will send their workers to do the job. If you want an example of a top tier painting company, then visit www.carlsbadpropainters.com.

The first thing you should do is to prepare the room for the work. If you can’t remove all of the furniture from the chamber, then you can place it in the middle of the room and cover it to prevent paint drips on it. Take your time and put the furniture where it won’t be an obstacle. Don’t speed through the protection of the furniture, as the pain can’t be easily removed if it ends up on furniture. All of this should be done a day or two before you start painting.


A day before the onset of the work you should check all the tools and get the paint you will need for the job. Don’t make a mistake and buy less paint than you need, because once it is started the painting of a single room shouldn’t be stopped (well this applies to a wall, or the ceiling, not the whole room). Designate the place where the tools will be and be sure to return them there after every use so you don’t lose the track of where they are as this simplifies the work.

Before you apply the paint to any surface, you should remove the electrical switches and all other electrical parts from the room. The alternative to this is to use the painters tape to cover all the outlets.

When you start painting, always do that from the top to the bottom. Start from the ceiling and then work on the walls. Use the roller for the ceiling and the large surfaces of the wall. Roller is suitable for painting large areas in short time, but be sure to apply the same amount of paint to all the sectors.


Painter brushes come in all sizes and shapes, and you will probably use several of the brushes while you paint. Use small brushes to paint the corners and areas that can’t be covered with rollers. Bigger brushes should be used to paint the field along the tape. This ensures that no pain goes on the furniture or the door and window frames.

Once you have done all this, let the paint dry. After it dries, you should apply the second layer of the paint. Multiple layers of the color ensure the richness of the color. In rooms where people smoke, you might need to implement the third layer as well.

Painting is not something that can be done quickly. You need to work slowly to ensure that the same amount of paint is applied to all areas. Choose a day for this project, and use all the time that is necessary to do it properly.