Basic tips for better painting

The vast majority have a general thought of what they will need to paint a room, however the real “employment” can rapidly overpower even the most energetic lover. When you are wanting to paint a space, there are some particular steps you will need to take to verify that you get the outcomes you need. By taking after a couple of basic tips, you will be arranged and ready to accomplish your objective for an impeccable room.

  1. Before you start, it will be imperative that you assess the paint you at present have. More seasoned homes regularly have been covered with lead-paint. In the event that you have lead paint on your window ledges and edges, it ought to be evacuated utilizing a sander before you start your paint work.
  2. Make repairs before you start. Require some serious energy to sand ranges where paint has foamed or broken. Fill any gaps in the dividers and repair Sheetrock that has get to be broken or recolored. Verify that you utilize the best possible items for repairs.
  3. Get a lot of blue painters tape and painters plastic. The tape and plastic utilized by painters to cover covering, windows, and so forth., is not the same as “channel tape” or “veiling tape”. Verify that you get a lot of these two things. You will be putting tape around entryways and windows when you paint the casings.
  4. When you are picking paint, it is essential to recall that it won’t have a striking resemblance as it does in the store. The lighting is diverse, the paint is on a little swatch, and it is regularly darker when it is on a divider. Along these lines, buy a few little specimen jars of paint that is both lighter than the shading you need and darker. Paint a little stripe on your divider, behind a photo with the goal that you can cover it, and let it dry completely. Spend a couple of days taking a gander at the hues in diverse light in the room. This will give you a vastly improved thought of the best shading for your space.


Numerous individuals observe that it is much simpler to contract an expert and proficient painter that has the majority of the hardware accessible and can finish the assignment rapidly and productively, If you read other of my article where i made reference about the interview i did with a St. Charles exterior painter, these was one of the major points he raised why clients are still coming to them for work. They will likewise have the capacity to give you exhortation on the best hues for the space your are painting. Painting the inside or outside of a home will rely on upon your arrangement and arranging.

A Quick Guide to Painting a House Exterior

A house exterior is the first part of your home that a new visitor will see. Therefore, the first impression is imperative; it is usually a moment that creates an opinion, a moment that we would like to be spectacular. If you are thinking of taking a brush in your hand and painting a house exterior, be sure to check this quick guide that may save you precious time and money.

Exterior is Not Only Your House

Well, you may be shocked with this, but the exterior of your home is much larger than you may imagine, it includes all varieties of plants, trees, and surrounding objects. Therefore, you should pay special attention to all such elements, create a nice garden, plant fragrant roses or build a nice fountain. If you like art, consider adding sculptures in your exterior, they will affect the general impression of your home. So, the first step in painting the house exterior is not related to painting, but it is connected with the process, as you will see in the next steps.


Always Choose a Quality

When it comes to painting house exterior, the quality of the paint is the most important element. As you may conclude, the walls of your house are exposed to the cold weather during the winter and scorching, hot summer days; such huge temperature variations can cause severe damage to your house pain if you do not choose the quality one. In this case, the quality is very much needed; it is better to buy more expensive paint that would last several years than to spend smaller amounts of money each year. Still, if you are not sure about the paint quality, it is best to consult a professional company, like

Prepare your Home’s Exterior

Do not rush immediately into painting the walls of your house; such attempt may be contra productive; you need to prepare the surface of the wall. You need flat, crack-free surface because paint doesn’t stick to unpolished or dirty surfaces. To make your painting surface nice and clean, use a simple sponge and warm water with diluted detergent to wash out any dirt. Once when a surface is dry, use fine sandpaper to polish the surface and fix any possible cracks and holes. Check the entire surface, and if you are satisfied with the result, start with painting.


New Technologies in Exterior House Painting

The old way of painting a house exterior was a three step process; it always included the use of a solid primer, the sand layer and finally the paint.  However, as technology advanced, the entire process changed; nowadays you can use a new paint that combines all three steps into one as they are combining the paint and primer into one product. It is the fact that such novel paints are more expensive. However, you will save some time by reducing necessary steps in the process. Always use large paint containers and paint from the top to the bottom, it will reduce paint drips. Do not forget to close properly your paint container, who knows; maybe you will need to use paint once again?

The only proper way to paint a room

Painting a room is not as simple as taking a roller and applying the paint. Many things can go wrong, and you can cause a lot of damage to your house. If you don’t want to deal with this stuff, you can find excellent online companies that will send their workers to do the job. If you want an example of a top tier painting company, then visit

The first thing you should do is to prepare the room for the work. If you can’t remove all of the furniture from the chamber, then you can place it in the middle of the room and cover it to prevent paint drips on it. Take your time and put the furniture where it won’t be an obstacle. Don’t speed through the protection of the furniture, as the pain can’t be easily removed if it ends up on furniture. All of this should be done a day or two before you start painting.


A day before the onset of the work you should check all the tools and get the paint you will need for the job. Don’t make a mistake and buy less paint than you need, because once it is started the painting of a single room shouldn’t be stopped (well this applies to a wall, or the ceiling, not the whole room). Designate the place where the tools will be and be sure to return them there after every use so you don’t lose the track of where they are as this simplifies the work.

Before you apply the paint to any surface, you should remove the electrical switches and all other electrical parts from the room. The alternative to this is to use the painters tape to cover all the outlets.

When you start painting, always do that from the top to the bottom. Start from the ceiling and then work on the walls. Use the roller for the ceiling and the large surfaces of the wall. Roller is suitable for painting large areas in short time, but be sure to apply the same amount of paint to all the sectors.


Painter brushes come in all sizes and shapes, and you will probably use several of the brushes while you paint. Use small brushes to paint the corners and areas that can’t be covered with rollers. Bigger brushes should be used to paint the field along the tape. This ensures that no pain goes on the furniture or the door and window frames.

Once you have done all this, let the paint dry. After it dries, you should apply the second layer of the paint. Multiple layers of the color ensure the richness of the color. In rooms where people smoke, you might need to implement the third layer as well.

Painting is not something that can be done quickly. You need to work slowly to ensure that the same amount of paint is applied to all areas. Choose a day for this project, and use all the time that is necessary to do it properly.


Turn your Plain Old Backyard into Something New and Extraordinary

Having a garden is a must in a big city because that is the only place where you can go and rest from stress and all other issues of the high-paced life we are all living. Buying a desk and chairs and setting them in the backyard along with a small cheap barbecue set is enough for some people, but others like their gardens filled with little things that make it beautiful. From a row of trees to the compost, the number of ideas that will make your backyard beautiful is long, and here are some simple things you can do to make your backyard more than just a mere piece of land.

Planting trees to create a screen that will hide your yard from the rest of the world is a good way to create a shade and a place where you can relax. Some trees grow up to 2 feet per season, and they grow all year round, and with them, you can create screen of trees in 5 or 6 years.


Maintenance of those trees is a dangerous business, and it should be left to professionals. Companies like one found on take that work to the professional level, and they don’t cost much. Don’t risk injuries when you can hire guys like that.

Building your fire pit is better than buying cheap barbecue set. Before you do anything, check with local authorities about the open flame permit. Then simply dig a hole, use some gravel and rocks along with a metal ring to create the boundary of the pit. If you are making a fire pit, you can make your barbecue stand as well. It might take some time, but it is a task every person, with some spare time, can accomplish.


Every backyard should have flowers because they make it a beautiful place. Instead of planting your flowers directly in the ground you can buy raised beds and plant them there. Cedar beds cost around 20 dollars per piece, so the money isn’t an issue.

Having a fountain in a backyard is a dream of many people. The only reason they haven’t done it is that the task seems intimidating. Garden fountain can be made out of anything, but making it out of some beautiful rocks will raise it to another level. The fountain is simple, and the only problematic thing is the pumping system, but you can hire a plumber to set it down for you.

wooden-compost-bin-singleCompost bins cost a lot of money, which is a funny thing because they can be made without any cost. If you have a big plastic bin (18 gallons, but it can be larger or smaller, it doesn’t matter) you can drill small holes in all directions (they should be at least 2 inches apart) and there you have it, your DIY compost bin.

Many things cost some pretty penny even though they can be made for the tiny amount of money. Before you spend your hard-earned money on this stuff, check an online guide, and see whether you can make it your DIY project.

Practical Roof Maintenance Tips

We are usually paying our daily attention to perfectly prepared lawn or beautiful backyard flower garden, but when it comes to roof maintenance, we become aware of it only in the time of calamities. The roof is an essential element of your residence; therefore, you should give it the attention it deserves.

  1. Inspect Your Roof

It is a good idea to regularly inspect your roof; that is probably the best preventative action you may apply. Be sure to check the entire roof for any cracks or holes and remove damaged parts. If you make this a habit, you will save a lot on a long run by preventing more chaotic situations that may occur due to structural problems. You may even consider scheduling a detailed professional roof inspection and do not forget to check the attic, too.

  1. Clean It Regularly

A house roof is constantly exposed to harsh weather conditions, heavy storms, rains or snow.istock_000014707776xsmall__large More than that autumn leaves may fill the gutters, so you must check the status on regular basis. You may also consider inspection of a roof after strong winds or sudden summer storms; they can damage the tiles. If the tiles are damaged, you should immediately replace them to prevent further demolition.  Do not forget to check for cracks or gaps, clean the gutters and make certain that all tiles are perfectly attached to the primary structure.

  1. Check House Surroundings

In roof maintenance, environment plays very important role, in fact, most damage comes from different natural causes like animals, fallen tree branches or insects. Wild animals simply love to live under your roof, so if you do not like to have a flock of birds above your head, you should check it regularly. If you have a wooden roof, pay special attention to ants and other insects as they can cause severe damage to the primary structure. A sudden fall of a large tree branch may damage your roof if it falls. Therefore, it is necessary to prevent such possibility. Cut down any dry branch from nearby trees and you will reduce the risk to a minimum.


  1. Consider Repairing or Replacement

Even after years of successful maintenance, you will need to repair or replace damaged tiles or other roof parts. That can be quite expensive, but if you are good in roof maintenance, repairs or roof replacement will be very rare occurrences. If your roof is an object of natural disasters like extremely heavy wind, storms or hurricanes, check if your insurance covers such damage, if that is not the case, make necessary changes and be sure to have such necessary protection.

Roof maintenance is not hard; it only requires some regular inspection and care. There are many professional services specialized in commercial roofing and maintenance that offers free roofing estimates like, so you may consider hiring such specialized professionals.  Try to be regular in your roof maintenance and you will be able to avoid major functionality problems in the form of leaks, holes or damaged tiles.

Remodeling Survival Guide – What you Should Not Do While Remodeling a House

A remodeling your house can be your worst nightmare or it may become just another pleasant experience. If you may decide to remodel your house, here are several useful tips that will make entire process much easier:

  1. Do Not Start Without Precise Plan

Home-RemodelingI cannot stress more this point, and I will repeat it once more – do not start remodeling process without a precise plan. It is better to prolong planning period than to prolong actual working and remodeling, therefore, be sure that you have everything you may need to be written down on paper before you start with the renovation. Be sure to know what you are doing, some remodeling processes will require different experts like interior designers, builders or architects, in fact, the larger the project is, the more detailed plan you need to have if you want to complete the entire renovation process.

  1. Do not be too demanding

Well, this is my personal experience when it comes to remodeling, if you hire experts, let them do their job, do not buzz around asking too many questions. I know, it is your house, and you want the best, but believe me, they will do a perfect job much quicker without your intervention or suggestions. Try not to be a distraction effect in the process of remodeling a house. If you are remodeling by yourself, try to minimize distracting elements and focus only on remodeling tasks of the current day.


  1. Do Not Hesitate

In some remodeling situations, you would need to act very quickly; you must be able to make instant decisions. For example, if remodeling experts found that you should probably take down an old wall in a kitchen, go for it. Do not hesitate too much and trust the experts that you hired. You should be open to their advice and suggestion, after all, they have experience in such matters, you may only have a good will and a lot of sentiments for your old, dusty wall.

  1. Stick To The Original Plan

I must admit, it is very tempting to change decisions during the remodeling process, but try to focus on your plan. If you start to change your desires in the middle of work, it would only create a chaotic situation. Define your remodeling goals before actual work and stick to the original plan. Of course, there are always some unplanned coincidences, but try to be practical and flexible in such situations.

In a process of house renovation, you must make many important decisions; you must know many demanding details and elements, that sometimes it is the best policy to hire a professional remodeling service to take care of the entire process. At least, that was my last remodeling experience, after a long search, I found an ideal solution at, and complete remodeling was just a breeze! In any case, a house remodeling is not so simple as it may look like, but if you are practical and well organized, you will soon enjoy in your ideal, redesigned home.

Why should you Consider Remodeling?

We all know that when it comes to renovation, the limiting factor is the budget, but the nature of renovation is unpredictable, it is usually much more expensive than we initially planned. Therefore, it is advisable to carefully plan a renovation by yourself or hire a professional Remodeling and Renovation Agency. Whatever your choice may be, here are some useful remodeling tips and tricks!

Step One – Free Your Space

Before you start with actual renovation it is important to get some space, make a list and take away all unnecessary elements, old furniture, and equipment. Try to be extremely practical, after all, you want to have a new atmosphere in your home, therefore, do not be too sentimental when it comes to old, unnecessary objects. They may be of some sentimental value, if it is so, place them into the large box and take them to the basement. Also, consider selling unnecessary furniture or donate it to the local community.


Second Two – Define Long Time Goals

When it comes to remodeling your house, you always must have a big picture in your mind, always define your goals according to your budget, it will help you to stay focused on the important things. That practically means to start with larger objects and continue with the smaller ones. For example, rearrange your kitchen with all necessary major elements, then do your living room, bedroom, and bathroom, and at the end go again to the kitchen to finish all small details. Remodeling is not an easy task; it usually requires much more time and energy that you may imagine. Therefore, have a precise and specific goals, they will make your renovation a much more pleasant adventure.

Step Three – Consult a Professional

This is one of the most important things when it comes to remodeling your place; do not assume that you know everything; usually, it is much cheaper to consult and even hire a professional service. You may not involve them in the entire project; you always have a possibility to use them as consultants, but the advice from professional services are surely very much needed, especially if your project is not simple. You may hire an architect for initial advice; usually, he or she will make preliminary drawings that you may use it later in the process of remodeling. If you are not quite sure in your remodeling abilities, you can always give a whole project to a professional interior design firm, like the St. Louis Interior Design Firm Youtopia Designs.  Their Lead interior designer Candice will know exactly what you want so they will give their best to meet your requirements.  They’ll discuss design options for your kitchen, bedroom, basement, or any room, and also help you with finish selections.  Working with a reputable designer can even save you money because you get access to product discounts!

Peters remodel by Creekstone Designs

Step Four – Be Practical

Remodeling your home is all about practical aspects of living, do not turn your remodeling into a nightmare by making things too complicated. If you manage to have a solid plan and budget, your remodeling will be a pleasant experience. If you fail in one of those categories, it may become a headache. In such case, help is still there, try to analyze the situation and seek professional help. Usually, you only need to change the priorities in your remodeling, and soon you will enjoy in your house of your dreams.

Home Remodeling Tips for 2016

Your home should basically be your go-to happy place. That means that it should be designed in such a way that is elegant and comfortable. There are many reasons why homeowners remodel. You can remodel your home to increase its value if you want to put it up for sale, or to keep up with the latest styles and trends. It doesn’t really matter why you choose to embark on the process; all that matters at the end of the day is that you design your home in the best way possible. Here are some great home remodeling tips for 2016.

Useful 2016 Home Remodeling Tips


Plush carpets are great because they create a sense of space in the room. However, glossy hardwood floors with a clean look are a trendy look for the living room in 2016. There are still a lot of people who prefer to have rugs in other spaces like the bedroom just to compliment the design style.


The kitchen is no longer just a place for cooking only. Must modern kitchens also serve as meeting points for the family where people can dine and hold conversations. It’s, therefore, important to design it appropriately, taking into consideration the additional functions. An important part of the kitchen to consider during remodeling is the kitchen countertop. Natural stone countertops are very much popular in 2016. Granites, marbles, and slates are increasingly being used to design contemporary kitchens by creating an elegant and classy theme. They can also be very important in creating a sense of luxury in the kitchen. Such countertops are easy to clean and highly functional during the preparation of meals. Stainless steel is also in vogue and is appropriate for a clean look when designing contemporary and modern kitchens. Most people prefer thin countertops because they compliment the clean and classy theme. Textures are also very much in play in 2016. The preferred color theme is neutral with a lot of people going for a white color scheme in the kitchen. In creating space, most kitchen cabinets are fixed on the walls to leave room on the floor. A well-designed kitchen will drive the value of your home up.

Living room

A floor to ceiling fireplace is very popular in living room designs. Chic furnishings with a central gathering space is another style that’s gaining a lot of attention. Having a mirror in the living room can also serve as a focus point. Chandeliers are great for lighting but they also play an additional role of great decorations. They can greatly compliment the general design theme in the living room.


Bedroom furniture should be modern and elegant. Chic modern designs help to make the bedroom comfortable and inviting. Whether you are using bold colors or soft, try as much as possible to reflect your personal style in the designs. Wall sconces are perfect for bedroom lighting.

Other remodeling trends include well-manicured front yards with craftsman architecture and a subtle color for the exterior part of the house. These home remodeling tips for 2016 will turn your home into a paradise of elegance and comfort while at the same time increase its value.