How to Measure for Replacement Windows

Accurate, exact, and precise measurements can really make the difference in the process of window replacement. No matter who is replacing the window, a professional company or an individual, the measurements should be precise and accurate, as this is the only way to enjoy all the benefits of window replacement.


Building movement and construction methods can alter the size of the window opening, from side to side and bottom to top. This can prompt a little bit wrong measurement as well as the window failure if a wrongly sized window is set up. To solve this problem of incorrect or imprecise measurements, you need to measure from three different areas vertically and horizontally. To determine the width, you need to measure from jamb to jamb. For the height, do it from the sill to the header. Complete all these 6 areas (horizontal and vertical), and select the smaller area of height as well as the width measurements. This (shortest measurement) will give you the final measurement. Now, you have learned how to precisely and accurately measure a window.


  • Calculating only to the sash window locks as well as the internal trim of the window sill will cause the new replacement windows being very small (sash window locks are also known as sash stops).
  • Don’t take measurements from outside the house
  • Accuracy is very important (as already mentioned above). Because this will ensure the installation and help to provide all the benefits including maximum energy savings.
  • Sequence: Planing is key, and after that, you need to execute the project in the right sequence. First, measure your window properly, then select the right type of replacement window, purchase it, receive it, and then remove your old window. This is the right sequence to complete this project. Do not choose the window first and then measure the frame. Simply follow these steps in sequence.
  • Investment: See the replacement from an investment point of view and be happy about it, because a jovial mood is always better to execute an important project.
  • Look for a professional: research about the replacement procedure, and if you are skeptical about the process, then do not execute it. Find a professional replacement window company and let them do the job as they will not make any errors, and your money will be saved. So make wise decisions. That’s it.

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